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About b for black

What does it mean to be black ? Is it everything you read on newspapers , or see on the news ? Or does a lot of it often gets ignored or over looked. The black entrepreneur, creative and leader has managed find and create their path to success in a challenging and uncertain world. They have built strong foundations for themselves but also for generations to come. B for Black celebrates the black proprietor and highlights the true narrative of black entrepreneurship, creativity and Leadership in exploring their successes , struggles and goals. This project is important because it showcases the black excellence around in Canada and educates on the black business experience. It also helps inspire younger black people that might not think they can be business owners or business leaders. The series will be episodic. The first episode will be released on February 1st with the following three episodes releasing once a week after that. Following the first four episodes there will be two new episodes per month. Each episode will focus on one individual.