Black Youth Filmmaking Fellowship Program

This FREE summer program is designed as an opportunity for Ottawa-based Black Youth ages 16-25 to learn fundamental knowledge, build skills and gain experience towards building a successful career in the film, media and TV industries

Every Sunday from July 17th-Aug 30th 2022, the program will provide hands-on curated workshops and masterclasses from industry professionals, access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment at Lenz Studio, and opportunities to network and build relationships with industry members. The program will culminate in the production of a short film addressing a social issue in the city of Ottawa, and a commercial for an Ottawa-based Non-profit organization written and directed by cohort participants. Participants will be key players in the production of these films alongside mentors in specific departments.


  • 01. Must be 16-25 years Old
  • 02. Resident in Ottawa at the time of this program
  • 03. Must be Black
  • 04. Show a strong interest in participating
  • 05. Priority to low income participants


Tell us about yourself and why you would like to join the Black Youth Digital Media Summer program (200 words)
What is your primary professional career goal at this time, and how do you think the Black Youth Digital Media Summer Program can support you in achieving this goal? (150 words)
This program runs every Sunday from July 17th-Aug 30th. Do you anticipate challenges in meeting this requirement? If so, please explain.