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UNILEARNAL works at a national level to empower and engage people of all ages and spheres across Canada. It is within the mandate of the organization to produce valuable, wholesome and educational and creative content that highlights the experiences of BIPOC. Importantly, UNILEARNAL is an organization dedicated to addressing the lack of diversity on Canadian screens and within the country’s media industry by providing and maintaining spaces and opportunities for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (hereafter, BIPOC).were founded in 2000.


UNILEARNAL’s  vision is to become a global leader in education, shining a light on the stories and experiences of the least represented and engaging in meaningful conversations through the use of storytelling, documentaries, digital articles, web series and other digital media. 

our story

Founded in 2019 in the city of Ottawa by two Black youth, Unilearnal has been dedicated to delivering meaningful educational content that showcases the stories that are often unknown or overlooked.

At the origin, UNILEARNAL was only supposed to be a one time project. 28 Moments of Black Canadian History was a Black-led initiative that aimed to educate on Black Canadian history and bridge the knowledge gap. After the stunning results from the twenty-nine episode series, we realized that there was more to be done, more stories to be told, and more experiences to be chronicled. And so, UNILEARNAL was born from an effort to continue closing this knowledge gap.

why us.

Our Guiding principles


We encourage diversity through the identification and removal of barriers and biases and the creation of safe environments


We recognize that the principle of solidarity is at the heart of social change.


We recognize that the principle of solidarity is at the heart of social change.


We recognize that the principle of solidarity is at the heart of social change.


We recognize the necessity for transparency. We favor the exchange of necessary information and are open to the criticism and needs of our audience.


Education is a human right. It is integral to and enhances human dignity through its fruits of knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

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