web series


Creatives come in all forms, different crafts, passions, and artistic expression. We  are not all the same but we all speak the same language of art. Not too many  opportunities come into play where there can be an open dialogue about being in  the creative industry, even more so, being black in the creative industry.  

We’ve got our own unique experiences that have led us to our success thus far.  Stories we have yet to share and moments we haven’t really had the chance to  reminisce about with like-minded individuals who have walked on similar  grounds. 

We wanted to take that missed opportunity and make it a reality. We created a  safe space for creatives to share what they do and who they are.  


We created our very first round table compiled of a collective of talented, young,  black, creative individuals. This video in particular was created to give a voice to  black creatives in Ottawa. The ultimate goal with this project was to give black  creatives in Ottawa a platform to openly discuss the industry. The intention  behind this idea was to create a conversation that both allows to educate people  about the experience of black creatives, as well as gives the creatives a chance to  share and connect. 

Join us in candid conversation about the experiences of Black creatives and watch  them connect and bond through their stories.