man up: synopsis

Male vulnerability… not a concept you hear often, right? Even more rare, Black male vulnerability. Now why is it that the aspect of vulnerability in black men specifically is such an unheard and unspoken subject?
Some might say conditioning, others could argue it’s society’s perception over several years. That being said, they’re several reasons why it isn’t ever unpacked or explored which is exactly why we decided to challenge the norm.
Growing up as a young black man, can you remember a time where you were ever in conversation with your parents or an elder and they asked you how you were really doing? Were you ever get told as a child that you had to be tough when facing any adversities? All because one day you’d have to step up and me the “Man of the house”. Maybe you grew up in a home where it wasn’t “normal” or “necessary” for people to talk about their feelings. Perhaps the only time you ever heard of the concept of mental health (within the black community especially) was in your adult life.
We hope to change the narrative and address the lack of awareness with what’s been needed this whole time…conversation.
Through this project our goal is to open up dialogue while also creating a safe space for black men of all walks of life to feel comfortable talking about conventionally uncomfortable topics.
This project touches on male vulnerability and the lack thereof in the black community. We intended on pushing the envelope by sharing our very first showcase on the expression of black men. The intension here is to strip the labels placed upon black men by reintroducing them in a new light as multifaceted, complex, individuals who have layers, emotions and various thoughts to share.
In this video presentation, we invited black men from various walks of life in order to share their experiences and to find comfort in the uncomfortable that is being vulnerable. To ensure the authenticity of this project and to guarantee honest and raw responses we did not share the questions with our guests prior to filming.
Join us on this journey self-reflection and of self-expression as we follow along these ambidextrous men and their exploration to vulnerability.